Sustainability for Stena

A Global Business with focus on Sustainability

The Stena Group contributes to value creation and social development in various ways by offering safe homes in the Group’s properties, generating electricity from wind power, providing maritime transportation of goods, vehicles and passengers; and building strong companies that can be platforms for new business areas. All this activity creates jobs for thousands of people around the world.

Operations are divided into several business areas, which both ­individually and together drive the Group’s sustainability work. ­Stena’s business model is based on using the Group’s collective expertise, particularly in service, trading and ships, to conduct operations in the business areas: Shipping, Ferry Operations, ­Offshore, Property and New Businesses. The business areas are different and each company has its own more developed business model.

More information about the Stena Group’s companies and ­business areas can be found in Stena AB’s (publ) Annual Review 2017, the printed version, and at


The Shipping business area consists of Stena Bulk, Stena RoRo, Stena Teknik and Northern Marine Group.

Stena Bulk is one of the world’s leading tanker operators, with worldwide operations. It controls 88 vessels for transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum products, vegetable oils and gas (LNG).

Stena RoRo provides RoRo and RoPax vessels, technical expertise and project management to customers across the world and controls a fleet of 16 vessels.

Stena Teknik, with its competence and experience, ­primarily in shipbuilding, ship operation and contracting, contributes to solutions for all business areas in the Group.

Northern Marine Group manages a pool of 7,800 marine and offshore personnel, and runs a fleet of 175 ­vessels from a large network of international offices.


Stena Adactum makes long-term investments in listed and unlisted companies, with the goal of building strong companies that can be platforms for new business areas in the Stena Group. The business area consists of the subsidiaries Stena Renewable, Ballingslöv, Blomsterlandet, Envac and Captum, and the company has ownership interests in Gunnebo, ­Svedbergs and Midsona.


The Property business area consists of Stena Fastigheter AB, one of the largest privately owned real estate companies in Sweden, and Stena Realty BV. The portfolio consists ­primarily of rental apartments in Sweden, but also contains commercial properties. Stena Property owns and manages a total of 24,700 residential and 3,600 commercial properties.


The Ferry Operations business area consists of Stena Line, one of the world’s largest ferry operators, focusing on freight and passengers. Stena Line operates 21 routes in Europe, with 39 vessels, and also owns five ports.


Offshore Drilling consists of Aberdeen-­based Stena Drilling, a world leader in design, construction and operation for offshore, which owns and manages 4 ­drillships and 3 oil rigs.

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