The Stena Group employs a total of 16,000 employees around the world. Employees are the foundation of Stena’s success – it is their skills and dedication that drives the business forward and contributes to the long-term development of society and therefore more, and better, business. Stena focuses strongly  on ensuring continuous development of its employees and emphasises the importance of employees having the right skills.



In 2017, Stena Line introduced a new leadership programme – Our Way Forward. The purpose of the programme is to create a common leadership platform for all regions. The programme focuses on Stena Line’s vision, strategy, values and the behaviour that characterises a leader within Stena Line. By the end of the year, 300 leaders had completed training, which has been very appreciated by the participants.

The Stena Leadership Programme (SLP) and GROW Leadership Programme have been important tools for developing focused leadership and innovative ways of working within Stena. A total of 158 individuals have participated in SLP and 147 people in GROW. During 2018, both programmes will continue with new participants.

business benefits


Digital technology is currently developing at an exponential rate, which means that learning must take place at an ever-faster pace to keep up with developments and future-proof Stena. Digital transformation includes new technology, new business models and new ways of work­ing. In 2017, Stena Digital Transformation was launched in order to focus on digital transformation for Stena. The work is carried out in a network format with most companies within Stena together with external experts. During the year, both pilot projects and inspirational events were conducted in order to spread as much light as possible on the business benefits that new technology may create. Some examples of focus areas for 2018:

  • BLOCKCHAIN – Explore new business opportunities with an open transaction system for value.
  • AI AND CHATBOTS – Artificial Intelligence creates new ways to develop the business and new ways to communicate with customers using virtual assistants or chatbots. Both Stena Line and Stena Property have started to develop virtual customer services called Stina and Hom-e.
  • AUGUMENTED REALITY (AR) OCH VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) – a new tech­nology that can visualise offerings to customers, simplify management and facilitate remote maintenance and open up brand new training opportunities.