The different Stena companies cater for a wide range of customer needs that exist in society. Stena also strives to be an active and engaged member of the community, contributing to continuing development and sustainable business in the areas in which the companies operate. The Group’s companies participate in many initiatives at local level, but also in collaborations with large global organisations.

Joint efforts


In June 2017, Stena was one of thirteen leading enterprises to sign an agreement at IMO’s head office in London. The participants have entered into a global alliance to move shipping towards a sustainable future, within the framework of a collaboration called the Global Industry Alliance, GIA. Stena holds the chairmanship of this alliance. The parties to the agreement have undertaken to contribute financially and with expertise, working together to identify and produce new solutions to common obstacles in order to achieve energy-efficient maritime transport.


Relationship Management (Relationsförvaltning®) is Stena Property’s concept for developing sustainable residential and workplace environments where people are happy and stay longer. Through a large number of collaborations and activities, safe, stable and comfortable living environments are created. The focus is on children and young people and different initiatives in the areas of school, work and meaningful leisure. The work is trust-building and creates a higher degree of involvement in the area, which strengthens the areas and ensures long-term vision.

One important commitment is to offer summer jobs for at least 300 young people every summer. In addition to this the company offers a large number of internships and cooperates with other partner companies to encourage them to do the same.


Stena Bulk has been a member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) since 2016. The network currently consists of over 90 actors from the maritime industry, and provides a platform for sharing experiences, developing tools and spreading a common culture of integrity in the industry. The vision of the MACN is a maritime industry free of corruption that enables fair trade to the benefit of society at large. During the year, Stena Bulk has produced posters that have been sent to all ships together with an information letter to the captains. The purpose is to strengthen the resolve of the captains in refusing facilitations payments demanded by customs officials for letting the vessels through various inspections. The posters should be clearly visible when the customs officers come on board.