CEO comments on sustainability

Sustainability and care

Good financial results are a prerequisite for all sound business. But an important factor is also how these results are generated. We are currently seeing rapid development of new business ­models based on new technology. This is good because it enables more resource efficient products and services, contributing to less negative impacts on the environment, for example. Through research, development and collaboration with partners, Stena contributes to the functioning of society today, but also takes responsibility for its functioning tomorrow. During the year, we launched a programme aimed at introducing sustainability aspects into each business unit in a more structured way. We call it SuStenability, and it has helped us to better understand and prioritise the material aspects of each business. We are then able to identify risks but also find new business opportunities. As an individual company we can do much, but not everything, which is why we engage in national and international initiatives that are close to our interests.

Society faces the challenge of increased economic exclusion. At Stena, we try to help reduce this by always thinking in inclusive terms. With care and a sustainable approach, we can make our contribution.

“SuStenability helps us understand risks but also find new business opportunities.”

We are in a great era, with virtually all leading companies in the world understanding the importance of an inclusive and holistic approach. International cooperation is not confined to the United Nations. This year, we have decided to participate in the WEF’s (World Economic Forum) ­Stockholm Centre for development of the digital components of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Five of these centres will be established around the world, with the headquarters in San Francisco.

I am also pleased that Stena is supporting an initiative from the Swedish government called Friends of the Oceans. As users of the ocean for our environmentally friendly transportation, it is vital that we contribute to its good health. Our responsibility increases over time. It is important that we are part of the solution and not the problem – thereby creating stable, profitable and sustainable companies.

Dan Sten Olsson
CEO Stena AB