Initiatives that give young people confidence in the future

Stena Property has been involved in relationship management (Relationsförvaltning®) for many years. The concept includes the social investments and many activities that the company carries out to create safe, stable, comfortable living environments and workplaces. Children and young people are in focus, and various initiatives in schools, work and meaningful leisure have been launched. Relationship management is an approach that not only offers activities, but also builds trust by focusing on participation and empowerment.

Dreaming of their future job

“My Dream Now” is about giving all students a sense that they are valuable to society and finding their own ways to work and dreams. Volunteers from the professional world and colleagues inspire the students to see the opportunities available to them in their working life. As part of the project, employees from Stena Property in Gothenburg act as coaches to children and young people in our residential areas.

“We work to give young people in our residential areas a belief in the future. Among other things, we offer summer jobs, internships and homework assistance. We are working with “My Dream Now” and the Mathivation maths project as part of our relationship management,” says Sari Isberg, Relationship Manager in Gothenburg.

Success for spontaneous football

Another example is from Stockholm. The project started when young people in Sätra expressed a wish to play football on a Friday or Saturday evening. Stena Property took up the idea with Mälarhöjdens IK, a partner from previous relationship management projects. The club was happy to be involved and immediately booked the Sätrahallen sports hall, offering one of its football coaches to lead the young people during the evenings.

“It has been a success, with many young people involved. The project is one of our many initiatives to create safe, stable residential areas where our tenants are happy and want to stay,” says Sarah Pettersson, Relationship Manager in Stockholm.

Higher grades

For some time, Stena Property has been collaborating with the local community in Hermodsdal in Malmö to create the best possible conditions for children and young people in the area. One example is the school, where Stena since 2015 supports targeted homework tutoring for ninth grade students. The result is higher grades for the students, but also a more attractive school.

And the reward for the students’ efforts? Students with improved grades and a good attendance record are offered summer jobs.

“To make the initiative more effective, we have invited local property companies, commercial tenants and others to offer summer jobs under the same conditions as at Stena Property. A good example of leading the sector and creating a greater impact!” says Anna Haraldsson, Relationship Manager in Malmö.