Ground-breaking design through VR

Kids might use VR while exploring magical worlds. Now, the wearable tech is used to create ground-breaking engineering solutions. Tritec Marine, a subsidiary of Northern Marine Group, is levelling up ship designs with virtual reality.

Virtual Reality, VR, is used in several projects at Tritec, but most recently the company has used it with great effect in delivering a design for an innovative and ground-breaking LNG bunkering and feeder solution.

The vessel is at concept and class approval stage, but because the design is so unique, VR has allowed Tritec Marine to communicate complex design and regulatory considerations both within the Stena Sphere and more importantly with potential clients and stakeholders around the world.

VR also offers the opportunity to validate the design before completion. From an engineering perspective, it allows Tritec Marine to take complex 3D geometry and immerse the engineering and design team in a real-scale virtual environment. They also have the ability to visualise and discuss internal and external configurations with the customer and other stakeholders, in a virtual scene throughout the design process; therefore, enhancing and enabling new efficiencies in workflow.

Tritec Marine has highlighted a number of areas where they would like to further develop their VR and Augmented Reality, AR, capabilities. At the moment, with the VR set-up available in the engineering and consultancy office, Tritec Marine’s team of engineers is able to scrutinise design 3D geometry before completing designs and preparing final arrangements. The VR technology can be further exploited in areas such as cloud-scan visualisation, pre-survey ‘digital inspections’, as well as a vast number of interactive training applications.