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Stena RoRo provides vessels, innovative solutions and project management for RoRo and ferry operators like ourselves. Its customers are operators and shipping companies around the world. The company’s expertise, dedication and financial resources create customer value, growth, profitability and make it an attractive place to work.

Strong economy for RoRo and RoPax continues

Stena RoRo is monitoring the production of the four RoPax vessels that Stena has ordered from AVIC Weihai Shipyard in China. Construction has started and delivery of the vessels begins in 2019. Three of the vessels will be used by Stena Line, while the fourth has been chartered to the French operator Brittany Ferries for five years. During the year, thanks to a very good relationship with the shipyard, Stena RoRo has successfully extended the option allowing Stena to order another four vessels.

Construction of Mercy Ships’ hospital ship is in progress and Stena RoRo, which is responsible for design and quality, continues to monitor production on site. The ship is expected to be placed in service in the first quarter of 2019.


Market rates continued at high levels in 2017, and Stena RoRo took advantage of the market situation by signing new long-term contracts. In view of the strong market, Stena RoRo also took the opportunity to sell the ferries Napoles and Sicilia to the Spanish ferry operator Balearia.

Stena RoRo also purchased the smaller RoPax ferry M/S Hammerodde from Danske Færger A/S. During the coming year, the ferry will be chartered back to the Danish ferry company, sailing to and from Bornholm.


Stena Egeria previously sailed between China and South Korea. Since then, the ship has been upgraded in Piraeus and is now ­operating in the Adriatic Sea.

We are tailor-made solutions.

Per Westling

CEO, Stena RoRo

The market has been strong for both RoPax and RoRo vessels in recent years. The imbalance between supply and demand has kept charter levels high, particularly for RoPax. In the coming years, capacity in the industry will increase with the delivery of mainly new RoRo vessels. The new vessels will change the market as they are significantly larger than the present large vessels, which will push margins for other lines.

At the same time, there is uncertainty about what will happen to transport flows after Brexit in 2019. Fewer new start-ups in the UK and ­perhaps even production relocations to other countries may result in shifts in freight flows. 

We are following developments and are ready to adapt to new conditions.

Stena RoRo the Company