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Stena Adactum

Stena Adactum is Stena AB’s wholly-owned investment company which works in a long-term ownership perspective to develop and invest in listed and unlisted companies. Through active ownership and financial strength, Stena Adactum builds strong and profitable companies.

Strong Nordic consumption and global growth

The earnings trend for Stena Adactum’s companies has been very positive during the year. A large proportion of the earnings is attributable to the company’s long-term structured work to generate good profitability and organic growth. The strong increase in consumption in the Nordic region and the favourable international economic recovery have made a strong contribution to the good development during the year.

In 2017, the Nordic countries showed strong growth driven by increased private consumption. In combination with a growing construction market, this has contributed to strong results for the largest subsidiary, Ballingslöv International, which accounts for a significant part of the Stena Adactum Group’s strong ­earnings trend.

Midsona has also been positively affected, as demand for organic and healthy food continues to increase. Midsona’s focus on organic and healthy food in combination with dietary supplements has been very successful. During the year, Midsona also acquired Bringwell, whose product portfolio strengthens Midsona’s position as the Nordic leader in health and well-being.

Stena Renewable was affected by the sharp decline in the price of electricity certificates at the beginning of 2017, which was partly offset by rising electricity prices during the year. The higher electricity prices mean that Stena Renewable can now start building the company’s highly competitive project portfolio.


During 2017, Blomsterlandet expanded its expansion rate and opened, or decided to establish, another six units. This means that Blomsterlandet will have 58 stores in Sweden in 2018, strengthening the company’s market-leading position in the flowers and plants segment for home and garden.


Envac, which supplies automated waste management systems, has ­significantly improved its order intake during the year. Market development has been strong in several Asian countries and in the Nordic region, while the order intake has also increased in Europe.


During the year, Gunnebo continued to focus on the product areas access control, cash management and secure storage solutions, all of which are good growth areas. However, the company’s French installation and service business performed weakly in 2017, which affected profitability.

Captum was launched during the year. This is a newly established company providing payment services for consumers.


The total market value of our subsidiaries and associates is SEK 7.5 billion.

We are long-term owners.

Martin Svalstedt

CEO, Stena Adactum

Stena Adactum strives for stable organic growth and continuous improvements in profitability. Our goal is for the Stena Adactum Group to achieve annual organic growth of 5 percent, even in the face of weak growth in parts of Europe and a slowdown in important emerging economies. We create growth through continuous product development and a stronger customer offering.

In addition to organic growth, our strategy is to enable portfolio companies to grow through additional acquisitions, create synergies and strengthen the market position. Stena Adactum has continued to focus on acquisitions and expansion within our existing investments.