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Northern Marine Group

Based in Glasgow, Northern Marine Group (NMG) provides marine technical management services for both the Stena Group and external clients from the offices in Aberdeen, Mumbai, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Houston, Manila, St. Petersburg, Shanghai, Copenhagen and Singapore.

1) Distributed as follows: Stena vessels 3,600, external vessels 4,200, onshore 800. 

Expansion of services and managed vessels

During 2017, 14 vessels were welcomed into full management, four of which were Stena’s new buildings from the IMOIIMAX project. The managed fleet stands at 175 vessels of which 109 are under full management. Ship Management services have expanded into Denmark with the establishment of Stena Marine Management ApS. Digital initiatives, including the internally developed maintenance management software system Aurora, are being utilised by a growing number of vessels.


A new state of the art office and warehouse facility is now fully operational in Singapore and it is equipped to maximise greater storage capacity. Marine supplies and services divisions have now expanded from the marine and offshore sectors into the Asian cruise market, with Stena Marine signing a cooperation agreement with prominent cruise industry companies in autumn 2017. Austen Maritime has continued its expansion of ship agency services with newly established operations in Indonesia, China, South Korea and Hong Kong.

To further support the growth of our marine services expansion, a warehouse facility has been established in Rotterdam, which will service clients within the Stena Sphere as well as third party business.


Northern Marine Group has entered an agreement with Shanghai Bluesoul Environmental Technology to act as exclusive sales agent of the Chinese company’s exhaust gas cleaning systems in Europe and Singapore. The partnership marks an advancement in green shipping and will aid clients with the Global Sulphur CAP 2020 regulation.


We are 24/7–365.

Philip Fullerton

CEO, Northern Marine Group

Operating in a competitive ship management market in 2018, only continued reliable service will maintain the trust of our clients and attract new business. Our measured vessel fleet growth evidences the trust placed in us as quality ship managers. As our business grows, sustained effort is paramount in ensuring our core ­values of safety and quality are not only adhered to, but are instilled in every seafarer and every onshore employee.

The further expansion and development of our marine services divisions, particularly in Singapore, Shanghai and Europe, further enhances our capability as a fully integrated marine services provider to both shipping and offshore industries.

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