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The Stena Metall Group comprises eight business areas operating in recycling, aluminium alloys, steel products, industrial components, bunker oil and finance. The Group has 3,300 employees at more than 200 locations in ten countries. Stena Metall is the Nordic region’s leading environmental service and recycling company through its subsidiary Stena Recycling. At the Swedish Stena Nordic Recycling Centre, northern Europe’s most modern recycling facility, investments in state-of-the-art technology have taken recycling to a whole new level.

Anders Jansson

CEO, Stena Metall

The financial year has been characterised by stable market conditions. With continuing financial discipline and the effects of continuous improvement ­initiatives, the Stena Metall Group has continued to strengthen its market ­position in all its business areas.

During the year, we opened northern Europe’s most modern recycling facility, Stena Nordic Recycling Centre (SNRC), in Halmstad. The centre is the hub of the infrastructure for industrial recycling that we have established in the Group. With more advanced recycling processes, we extract increasingly cleaner raw materials that meet growing requirements from customers and legislation. Common to all the Group’s operations is the focus on new digital solutions. We have an exciting pipeline of digital projects, many aimed at strengthening the availability of our products and ­services and creating a basis for improvements at customers’ premises.

The general market picture is relatively stable at present, although we have recently seen some quite large price movements. If current market ­conditions persist, I expect improved results in the current financial year.

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