Global Sustainable Goals


At a UN summit in September 2015, the world’s leaders adopted seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. The goals replaced the previous Millennium Development Goals and ­represent an agenda that will help to lead the world towards increased sustainability – socially, economically and environmentally – in the period to 2030.

Businesses are encouraged to contribute to the achievement of the goals, based on their own operations. As the Stena companies operate in many ­different industries, globally and locally, there is a great deal of variation in which sustainability areas are most appropriate for the ­different businesses to focus on. The companies are therefore designing their own sustainability work based on which issues are most relevant in their particular sector. Here is a selection of initiatives from the Stena Group, that in different ways relate to the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals.


Stena places high priority on healthy and satisfied employees. For this reason, there are a number of staff welfare activities to encourage employees towards exercise and fitness. Many workplaces have access to shared gyms or workout passes. In addition, Stena sponsors participation in certain races, such as Göteborgsvarvet and the Belfast Marathon.


Since 1988, Northern Marine Group has been running a cadet programme to train and develop young people who want to work at sea. For those who lack the means to pay for their own training, there is a sponsorship programme, which provides more people with the opportunity to take part in the training. It is common for newly trained cadets to continue their career at sea onboard ships that are crewed by Northern Marine Group.


Stena Renewable operates a total of 96 wind turbines at its wind farms. Together, these produce sufficient renewable ­electricity to supply 130,000 households, which corresponds to the electricity needs of the entire city of Malmö. ­Sustainable energy from Stena Renewable reduces ­carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to more than 250,000 cars annually, i.e., 5% of the total vehicle fleet in Sweden.


Stena Property in Malmö was awarded Diversity-Smart Company of 2016 for its long-term and systematic efforts to be an ­inclusive workplace. The company’s targets include at least 20% of employees to have a foreign ­background by 2018. Stena ­Property also cooperates with Malmö Pride to train all employees in norm-­critical approaches and LGBT issues.


Envac is one of Stena’s wholly-owned subsidiaries and a world leader in automated waste management. Using vacuum technology, waste is transported away in underground systems, which greatly reduces the need for refuse trucks, thereby reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution in the urban environment. Safety is also improved, as there is less heavy traffic in the cities.

Life below water

A healthy ocean is a priority area for Stena, as a large proportion of the business is dependent on the sea. Stena supports, for example, the Ocean Health Index, a comprehensive framework in which marine data from around the world is compiled and analysed. Collecting all data in one place facilitates continuous measurement and monitoring of the ocean’s health. This knowledge is key to highlighting which issues need to be prioritised and establishing which political and practical measures are necessary to ensure a healthy and thriving ocean.