An important issue for Stena is to encourage the skills and enthusiasm that exist in the Group’s different companies, with an aim to develop both the business and the individual. With this in mind, a number of initiatives have been launched to help motivated employees to take the next step towards becoming the Group’s leaders of the future. 

Stena is a large organisation, which provides employees with good opportunities to grow and develop. During 2016 the Group leadership programme GROW was launched, it is aimed at specialists and middle manegement. There were five sessions of GROW during the year, and a total of 93 employees have participated in the programme to date. During the course of a week, participants were able to develop their business and leadership skills through practical exercises, group work and inspiring lectures by other leaders within Stena. Because GROW is designed for all companies in the Stena Group and the Stena Metall Group, the programme also gives employees a unique opportunity to make contacts and expand their networks.

Another new initiative this year was the Stena Challenge, which began in May. As its name suggests, Stena Challenge is a challenging initiative that brings together employees from many different business areas and functions under the motto “diversity generates creativity” with an aim to demonstrating a new approach to creating innovations. All employees can apply, and those selected to participate are placed in teams to provide as good a mix as possible. Stena Challenge is run in project-based form, which means that each team runs its own project based on a specific question. 

“Employees have a unique opportunity to make contacts and expand their networks.”

There was keen interest in participating, and from the 70 people who applied for the first session, 12 were selected to form two different teams. One of the projects was an Open ­Challenge project, subtitled “How do we safeguard Stena’s future?” In parallel with their normal work, the team were able to freely investigate future opportunities and challenges over a period of 12 weeks, with the results presented to the project’s Sponsor Board, consisting of senior leaders within Stena. The Open Challenge group began its work by analysing global trends and found a common denominator in an increased focus on sustainability. They pursued this perspective further, examining the opportunities for sustainability cooperation between the different companies, and looking at how sustainability could be developed within Stena in the future.


Many of Stena Line’s seagoing employees will spend a long time in their professional roles, and it is not uncommon for employees to have over two decades of experience. However, for various reasons, it can happen that long-serving employees feel that their role on board is no longer right for them and want to try something different. To meet this need, Stena Line Scandinavia is working with Utvecklingshuset, which specialises in career switching and outplacement. Employees with over ten years in the company who feel they want to take the next step will have the opportunity to seek the support of Utvecklings­huset in finding a new profession, based entirely on the individual’s own preferences, experiences and circumstances. Much of the support is about helping people to discover their own potential and skills. In addition, they are also offered practical help in the application process and the transition.


Stena Voice is the Group’s regular employee survey, in which employees answer questions about their work ­situation. The survey questions relate to work environment, performance management, human resources and leadership. The survey is conducted every 18 months and is ­measured on a scale of 1–5 (5 being the highest possible rating and 1 the lowest). No survey was conducted for 2016. For both Stena Line and the other companies, Stena Voice will be conducted in 2017.

Stena Group excl. Stena Line 2012 2013 2015
Performance appraisal (% of staff) 83 85 91
Stena Voice results 4.46 4.47 4.52
Departments with over 4.0 in Stena Voice 89 91 94
Stena Voice response rate, % 99 99 99


Stena Line 2013 2014 2015
Performance appraisal (% of staff) 72 71 71
Stena Voice results 4.11 4.09 4.12
Departments with over 4.0 in Stena Voice 69 65 70
Stena Voice response rate, % 93 93 94



Tanker shipping is a global business and Stena Bulk’s employees are spread across the world. To strengthen solidarity and harness the diversity and knowledge available in the company, regular joint meetings called World Wide Gatherings are held, during which experiences are shared. The 2016 World Wide Gathering was attended by 90 people from several different countries, and the meeting dealt with how national and cultural differences can be bridged to work towards a common goal. Stena Bulk’s day-to-day work involves a process of knowledge sharing, which requires a joint effort from all offices and departments. Consequently, encouraging the exchange of experience between the different countries of operation contributes to increased understanding and stronger cooperation, which will benefit both the company and the employees’ own development.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when working offshore can be challenging. To encourage the crew to exercise onboard, several of Stena Drilling’s vessels and rigs are taking part in a competition called RigRun, in which offshore crews from across the industry compete against each other to achieve the longest total distance on the vessel’s gym equipment. Participants can choose from a rowing machine, exercise bike, treadmill and cross trainer and the results are compiled for each crew at the end of the competition period. The spring competition was conducted over a six-week period in February and March, and Stena Forth became the first ever Stena ship to win the entire competition, with 130 participants collectively clocking up more than 10,000 kilometres.