Stena Property invests in the next generation

In 2016 Stena Property won the Future Index prize for the second time in a row. The prize is awarded by Fastighetsnytt and Fastigo. The prize is aimed at showcasing the property ­companies that take in the most trainees, interns, apprentices and summer workers, thereby helping to give young people a good introduction to the profession.

Stena Property is the only company to have won the Future Index prize in two consecutive years. This year, the company won the summer jobs category for its initiative to create jobs for more than 300 young people each summer.

Summer jobs are just one of many initiatives that Stena Property pursues. A large number of projects and activities aimed at creating safe, stable and comfortable living environments are gathered under the Relationship Management® concept. The basis of relationship management is the local presence and creating confidence, good ­relationships and types of meetings that enable people to get to know each other and jointly build confidence and hope for the future. Special focus is placed on ­children and young people, and cooperation with local players is often an important part of the work. Some of the year’s projects within Stena Property’s Relationship Management® are described below.


To increase safety and comfort in its ­residential areas, Stena Property has been working on different projects within the framework of Relationship Management® for some time. A major project is currently in progress in Gothenburg, in which Stena Property is working with residents, the district, the local tenants’ association and Save the Children. Several ideas for increased safety have been identified within the project. Among other things, lighting and playgrounds will be reviewed in consultation with the residents. There will also be a variety of community activities, such as cultural evenings with cookery and holiday ­activities for children.


In partnership with Mälarhöjdens IK, Stena Property in Stockholm has launched an initiative with spontaneous football in Sätrahallen on ­Fridays, creating a good context in which the young people of the area can meet. Spontaneous football has become very popular, with about fifty boys and girls taking part and making up several teams. Stena Property is hiring the sports hall and sponsoring the present activity leader, and is also sponsoring the association with training equipment for young players who would otherwise lack the financial means to participate.


In Malmö, Stena Property has since 2015 been participating in Hermodsdalsskolan’s active educational development aimed at getting more pupils into upper-­secondary education. Stena ­Property’s contribution includes support for the Drivkraft association’s homework tutoring for year-nine pupils. An incentive that ensured very high participation in the homework initiative was the offer of a summer job with Stena Property for everyone who attended and successfully raised their grades. The number of Hermodsdalsskolan’s year-nine pupils who are qualified to go on to further education has increased by a record 22% from the previous year.


In October, the entrepreneurial award Stena Line Propeller Prize was presented in Karlskrona for the second year running. The aim of the prize is to encourage inventive and innovative initiatives that enrich the business climate in the local area. The prize is awarded in two categories and goes to young high-growth companies in ICT and marine technology. This year’s recipients, each winning a cash prize of 100,000, were Hi-Story Sweden AB, which enhances customer experiences through storytelling, and OptixMarine AB, whose innovations for ships can reduce fuel consumption and emissions. 


The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) is a global business network working towards the vision of a maritime industry free of corruption that enables fair trade to the benefit of society at large. Stena Bulk joined the network in 2016, thereby undertaking to follow the seven anti-corruption principles. The principles require a high level of risk assessment, internal controls, training and reporting. The network consists of over 70 actors from the maritime industry, and provides a platform for sharing ­experiences, developing tools and spreading a common culture of integrity in the industry.