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Long-term sustainability built on care

Stena AB has subsidaries in diverse industries. By being constantly ready to grasp opportunities for successful new businesses and carefully developing what we already have, we have successfully built a Group with 16,000 employees in 35 countries.

The ultimate goal of all business activity is to create value for shareholders, but to succeed in the long term, it is essential to be valuable to all key stakeholders. Stena is involved in community development, providing efficient energy supply, sustainable shipping and safe housing, to name a few areas. Technological development and digitalisation allow new business models, which often mean better resource utilisation for the benefit of both our customers and the world around us. 

Stena is involved in community development.

It is important for each business to develop according to its own conditions. This is also the case for the sustaina­bility work, with each business unit ­setting its own strategies and objectives. However, certain core values unite all Stena companies. Our core values are Care, Innovation and Performance. Here, I would particularly like to highlight the concept of Care. To maintain our ­success, we need to show care for our customers, our assets, ourselves and our partners, and the community in which we operate. Care is based on giving attention to something and then converting it into activity and performance. Only then can we be successful in the long term and generate value.

A part of this work involves producing this sustainability report. It illustrates how we work with Care in the long term perspective and provides concrete figures of our development in areas such as numbers of accidents or different types of emissions.

We Care!

Dan Sten Olsson
CEO Stena AB