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The four macro trends


Today, more than half of the world’s population is living in cities – and the share is increasing continuously. In 2050 UN predicts that 66% will live in urban areas. The consequences of this shift will be immense – and Stena AB is equipped to take advantage of these fundamental changes.

As cities grow, the demand for smart housing and environmental technology increases. All over the world, Envac has installed vacuum waste systems in residential areas, business premises, town centers, industrial kitchens, hospitals and airports. In Sweden, the level of urbanisation has reached 85%, and Stena Fastigheter is building 1,000 new apartments every year. Ballingslöv International furnishes kitchens and bathrooms in Europe and Thailand.


The fast development within digital communication and internet affects not only consumer behavior, but also the way Stena AB interacts with the customer as well as predicts the demand and behavior from the customer. Digitalisation also enhances productivity, efficiency and security.

For some years, Stena has utilised software tools to monitor fuel consumption and speed in order to enhance the fleet’s eco efficiency. Today, a new booking dialogue based on artificial intelligence improves Stena Lines ability to adjust pricing according to customer demand.


2016 was by far the warmest year since measuring of the global temperature started and climate change is already affecting the world economy. Last year, the COP21 came into force as amongst others the US, China and the EU ratified the agreement. The global community has agreed on keeping global temperatures well below 2.0C above pre-industrial times.

About 90% of international trade is carried by the shipping industry, limiting the carbon footprint of trade to a minimum. Stena is constantly developing efficient energy solutions and has over the years lowered bunker consumption significantly and taken measures to diminish emissions. Stena Renewable contributes to a climate friendly energy sector by investing in wind power. Stena Fastigheter is focusing to reduce electricity consumption, heating and use of water by 2020, and powers all properties with 100% green electricity.


The world is rapidly integrating. Communication in form of transports as well as of human interaction is changing the way people lead their lives. We wear the same clothes, watch the same films and dance to the same music at all continents.

At the same time, globalisation contributes to a diffusion of production, design and marketing. By expanding our presence around the world, Stena is continuously creating better opportunities to serve the customers as well as react to an increased global transport need.