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Business areas in the Stena Group

The Stena Group is one of Sweden’s largest family-owned companies and operates in the following business areas: Ferry Operations, Offshore Drilling, Shipping, Property, New Businesses and Finance.


Ferry operations are run by Stena Line, one of the world’s largest international passenger and freight service operators, in Scandinavia, the North Sea, the Irish Sea and the Baltic Sea.

The Drilling business, with semi-submersible rigs and drillships, is operated by Stena Drilling from its head office in Aberdeen in Scotland and through its global organisation, with offices in the US, Norway, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Korea and Australia.

Shipping operations are conducted by Stena Bulk in the tanker and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) market and Stena RoRo in the RoRo and RoPax ferry market. Stena Bulk has its head office in Gothenburg, with offices in Houston, Singapore, Copenhagen and Limassol. Stena RoRo’s head office is in Gothenburg. Shipping operations also include technical management of ships and marine services via Northern Marine Group, which has its head office in Glasgow, and offices in Manila, Mumbai, Singapore, Shanghai, St Petersburg, Gothenburg, Houston, Copenhagen and Aberdeen. Stena Teknik in Gothenburg is responsible for technical development.


Stena Property, with its head office in Gothenburg, mainly owns properties in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö, and is one of Sweden’s largest privately owned property companies. The international part of the business is based in Amsterdam, and owns property in the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, ­Hungary, the United States and the UK.

Stena Adactum, based in Gothenburg, invests in companies not directly related to Stena’s traditional core business. The portfolio currently includes Ballingslöv, S-Invest, Envac and Stena Renewable, and the associates Gunnebo, Midsona and Svedbergs.

Stena Finance is the Group’s central finance department and operates from Gothenburg, Luxembourg, Limassol, Zug, Amsterdam, London and Singapore.