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Stena Sessan is one of the Stena Sphere’s three parent companies. The company is an owner of four listed companies and the principal shareholder in two of them. 

The company also engages in shipping operations and asset management. In 2016, the shareholding in Meda was sold to Mylan. The acquisition price was SEK 12.3 billion and the transaction generated a capital gain of SEK 8.9 billion during the time of our ownership, of which SEK 4.6 billion was in 2016. Shares in Mylan were received as part of the purchase consideration.

Concordia Maritime is an international tanker shipping company focused on cost-effective and safe transportation of refined petroleum products and vegetable oils. The company’s B shares were admitted to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm in 1984.

Beijer Electronics is a global high technology company operating in industrial automation and data communication. The company also operates under the Westermo and Korenics brands. Operations were restructured in 2016, as a long-term partnership with Mitsubishi Electric came to an end. This affected the financial results, which are expected to improve significantly in the coming years.

Mylan is one of the world’s largest companies in the area of generic and specialised pharmaceuticals, and a manufacturer of medicines, with sales in 165 countries. The company is listed on Nasdaq in the USA.

Scandic is the largest hotel operator in the Nordic region, with a network of 230 hotels with about 44,000 hotel rooms in seven countries and revenue of SEK 13.1 billion in 2016. Scandic was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in December 2015.


Sector: Tanker shipping
Revenue: MSEK 1,038
CEO: Kim Ullman
Number of employees: 61)
Stena Sessan’s holding: 52.2% (capital), 72.7% (votes)

More information and a copy of Concordia Maritime’s annual report for 2016 can be found at:

1) and 480 seagoing

Shipping operations

Stena Spirit

Stena Sirita

1) 50%-owned


Sector: Industrial automation and data communication
Revenue: MSEK 1,122
CEO: Per Samuelsson
Number of employees: 714
Stena Sessan’s holding: 29.8%

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Revenue: USD 12 billion
CEO: Heather Bresch
Number of employees: approx. 35,000
Stena Sessan’s holding: 1.1%

Sector: Hotels
Revenue: MSEK 13,082
CEO: Frank Fiskers
Number of employees: 9,359
Stena Sessan’s holding: 14.6%