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Stena Metall

Stena Metall is a Group that is active in recycling and trading. The company has operations at more than 200 locations in ten countries where its resource-efficient activities create sustainable value for society and industry. Every day, Stena Metall’s recycling companies contribute towards saving large amounts of finite resources such as oil, wood, water and clean air by processing society’s waste into new raw materials. The Group’s other business areas include processing and trading in steel and aluminium, trading in oil and metals on the international market and financial operations. 

Anders Jansson

CEO, Stena Metall

In light of a tougher market situation during the financial year 2015/2016, I am relatively satisfied with the performance, despite lower earnings than in the previous financial year. Our overall business acumen rests on a stable foundation and by maintaining financial discipline and continuous improvement work in all areas of the Group, we have continued to advance our positions. The establishment of Stena Nordic Recycling Center, one of Europe’s most modern recycling plants, is progressing according to plan.We can now, for example, recycle the problematic residual materials from cars, thus meeting the EU’s 95% recycling requirement for the automotive industry. Meanwhile, integration of the acquired company IL Recycling, is in progress, which means we are building a stronger base from which we will grow further.