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Stena Adactum

Stena Adactum is Stena’s wholly-owned investment company which invests in both listed and unlisted companies with a long-term ownership perspective. Through active ownership and financial strength, Stena Adactum builds strong and profitable companies.


In 2016, Stena Adactum acquired 26% of the shares in Svedbergs, making Stena the new principal owner. Svedbergs is the Nordic market leader in bathroom furniture and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. In connection with the acquisition, Ballingslöv International sold its bathroom business Macro to Svedbergs.

During the year, Midsona acquired Internatural, including the Kung Markatta and Helios brands, making it Nordic leader in organic food products. Sales have more than doubled, and the acquisitions during the year have contributed to the strong results.

The purchase of the Kung Markatta and Helios brands makes Midsona leader in organic products in the Nordic region.


The market has developed positively for most of Stena Adactum’s portfolio and associated companies. Private consumption in Sweden and Norway has remained high, while the Danish market has strengthened. The strong Scandinavian economy has benefited Ballingslöv International, Blomsterlandet, Midsona and Svedbergs.

Construction activity is also strong in the Nordic region, with a rapid increase in new construction, which has benefited the Nordic operations of Envac, Ballingslöv International and Svedbergs.

The Nordic electricity market has been affected by historically low electricity prices. Thanks to cost-effective wind farms, Stena Renewable was still able to generate a positive result.

During the year, Stena Adactum acquired Svedbergs, which is one of the leading bathroom companies.


In Norway, the municipality of Bergen has decided to install Envac’s waste ­disposal system. Envac has shown that it can carry out installations in large existing residential areas in a cost-­effective way.

Envac’s first order in Australia is for the installation of a waste management system in Maroochydore, Queensland. The system will act as an important ­reference for future business.

Efforts to develop digital solutions are in constant progress in the Stena Adactum Group. Many initiatives are aimed at effective marketing and increased customer loyalty, while others are aimed for increasing productivity.

Martin Svalstedt

CEO, Stena Adactum

Stena Adactum seeks high organic growth while maintaining profitability. Our target is for the entire Stena Adactum Group to achieve annual growth of 5% per year, even in the face of weak growth in parts of Europe and a slowdown in key emerging economies. We create the growth through continuous product development and a stronger customer offering.

In addition to organic growth, our strategy is to enable the portfolio companies to grow through future acquisitions, creating synergies and strengthening the market position. Stena Adactum has continued to focus on acquisitions within existing operations.




Total revenue in our subsidiaries and associates SEK 15 billion. Total number of employees in our subsidiaries and associates 8,700.