Sustainability for Stena

Stena’s sustainability work is based on the Group’s common values, and is focused primarily on issues related to the environment, safety, community involvement and employees.

The Stena Group contributes to society in various ways. Activities in Shipping and Ferry Lines involve the transportation of goods, vehicles, raw materials and passengers. The transport stimulates increased trade and ensures that some of the global energy needs are met. Stena is also a major producer of renewable electricity in Sweden and provides many people with safe accommodation in the Group’s properties. Stena companies provide work for 15,000 people and they are important as customers of many suppliers in the shipping industry, particularly shipyards where newbuildings are carried out.

Priority sustainability issues

The sustainability issues identified as most important for Stena are related to the environment, safety, community involvement and employees. This report presents examples of how Stena AB works on sustainability in these areas.

Environmental sustainability is mainly about energy efficiency measures on land and at sea aimed at reducing consumption and therefore the impact on the environment. Shipping is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport in relation to cargo volume, and about 90% of world trade is conducted over the oceans. However, there are major advantages – both environmental and economic – to be gained from improving the efficiency of operations and reducing energy consumption. Innovation and new approaches are an important part of the work in this area.

Stena has a vision of zero accidents and systematically prioritises safety work in order to safeguard the work environment for employees, and also to increase the safety of passengers and transported goods, and accommodation in the Group’s properties.

Stena is involved in and takes responsibility for society and the development of the industries in which it operates. Community involvement is demonstrated by a long list of local activities in the areas where the Group’s companies operate and by support of selected international projects. The focus is on engagement where there is a reciprocal exchange.

Employees are the Group’s most important asset. Stena works to ensure its employees are developed and emphasises how important it is that they should have the right skills.

“Stena’s business is only sustainable if we all contribute to the success of our customers and society every day through care and performance.”
Dan Sten Olsson

Stena’s core values are the basis for sustainability work

In order to reduce the Group’s impact on the environment and ensure ethical conduct, while also contributing to economic development, the goals for Stena’s sustainability work are based on the Group’s core values of care, innovation and performance.

Safe, sustainable and environmentally sound operations are important and a cornerstone of Stena’s brand. All employees have management’s full support in breaking a chain of events that could lead to an accident or risk of environmental damage.

The code of conduct guides operations

Stena’s code of conduct sets out guidelines for ensuring ­operations are conducted in an ethically, socially and environmentally sound manner. The Group’s code of conduct was updated and supplemented in 2015. The code can be read in its entirety at

In addition to requiring compliance with the law in the countries in which Stena and its subsidiaries operate, the code of conduct addresses Stena’s obligations in relation to business partners and employees, communication with stakeholders, information security, human rights, environment and safety, and the procedure in the event of a conflict of interest.

The code of conduct is now being converted into an e-learning course covering all employees. Employees who discover something that is contrary to Stena’s values, code of conduct, policies or the law are able to report this anonymously through a whistleblower service. The service is provided by an external partner and all submitted information is encrypted, which further strengthens the anonymity.

Organisation of sustainability work

Sustainability work is governed by Stena’s Group-wide environment and safety policy and code of conduct. Each individual company is responsible for formulating its own environmental and safety goals, based on its own operations. The companies have individuals who are responsible for environmental and safety work, and for following up the results at company level. There is a function responsible for sustainability issues at corporate level.

Dan Sten Olsson, CEO

Sustainable business is long-term business

"At Stena, we work to ensure that the next generation will have it better than we have, just as our predecessors did before us. Financial profits are important and are a prerequisite for all business, but they only show one dimension of the business. To understand the real value of the business, we also need to measure other things, such as benefits for citizens, environmental impacts and social factors. Only then can we understand whether the business is sustainable and viable.

This report is our way of providing an overview of the business from a sustainability perspective. Indicators and exact figures are reported for different parts of the Group, but we also want to highlight other things that are part of our efforts to be a responsible company. Innovation and Performance are two important concepts for us at Stena, but the foundation of everything is Care."

Take Care

Gothenburg, April 2016
Dan Sten Olsson

Stena’s three core values, Care, Innovation and Performance, are the foundation of the sustainability work in the Group. The focus on innovation is to a large extent the driving force in the work on energy efficiency at sea and ashore, and contributes to a reduced environmental impact. Ethical behaviour in every aspect of the Group’s operations contributes to care for employees and society. Safety and quality characterise the performance of all tasks.

Responsibility in our business relationships

By building long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and subcontractors, we are committed to delivering high quality and best-value services.

Our responsibility is to meet the highest safety standards. Trust is the basis of all our relationships in society.

We are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations in respect of responsible business practices.

We have high standards of corporate social responsibility, which we share with our business partners. We may withdraw from a business relationship if we feel that the standards we uphold are not being met by a business partner.


The sustainability issues identified as most important for Stena are related to the environment, safety, community involvement and employees.
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