Employee engagement

A business built on engaged employees

Care, innovation and performance are watchwords for Stena. Through constant development, the Group’s employees contribute to sustainable business.

The health and safety of employees is of great importance, and Stena encourages physical exercise and fitness. Many workplaces offer the opportunity for joint training, gyms, and in some cases sponsoring events such as races.

The Stena Group employs 15,000 employees worldwide. They are found in a variety of roles and positions and at many different types of workplaces. Common to the Group’s operations are a focus on cooperation, health and safety and continuous development.

Continuing development of the leadership programme

The global Stena Leadership Programme was conducted in 2015, with 120 managers and specialists in Stena AB taking part. The programme, which is a way of developing skills and highlighting development opportunities, is tailored to Stena and has a strong link to business acumen. Participants came from 11 of the companies in the Stena Group, representing 16 different countries. About 20% of the participants were women. As a continuation, the 120 individuals who went through the leadership programme will be offered short courses/training sessions to continue to strengthen their skills and contribute to further personal development.

Grow, a new leadership programme for a further 100 employees begins in 2016. The Grow programme will be linked with previous leadership programmes and will focus on a combination of business acumen and leadership. In this programme, the target group are potential successors to the 120 identified key positions. The aim of the two leadership programmes is for the participants to develop themselves, their employees and their business.


Northern Marine Group cadet programme for young seafarers

Northern Marine Group (NMG) started its cadet programme in 1988, and about 1,000 cadets have completed the programme since then. The aim is to develop and support young seafarers through their education, enabling them to become confident and competent seafarers. Through practical training, they are given the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

“I have just completed the three-year cadet programme, which has involved a great deal of practical exercises. Now I want to continue working within Northern Marine Group, and hopefully become chief engineer in the future.”
Stephen Lees, cadet programme 2012–2015

Stena Voice

Stena Voice is the Group’s regular employee survey, in which employees answer questions about their work situation. The survey questions relate to work environment, performance management, human resources and leadership. The survey is conducted every 12 or 18 months, depending on the company, and is measured on a scale of 1–5 (5 being the highest possible rating and 1 the lowest).

Stena Voice is a structured method of identifying improvement potential. Each unit or work group selects one or more focus areas and creates action plans for these areas. The action plans are followed up regularly.

Stena Group excl. Stena Line 2012 2013 2015
Performance appraisal (percentage of staff), % 83 85 91
Stena Voice results  4.46 4.47 4.52
Departments with over 4.0 in Stena Voice 89 91 94
Stena Voice response rate, % 99 99 99
Stena Line 2013 2014 2015
Performance appraisal (percentage of staff), % 72 71 71
Stena Voice results 4.11 4.09 4.12
Departments with over 4.0 in Stena Voice 69 65 70
Stena Voice response rate, %  93 93 94


Stena has supported the foundation, H.M. KING CARL XVI GUSTAF'S FOUNDATION FOR YOUNG LEADERSHIP, since it was established ten years ago.
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