Community involvement

An active role in society

Stena works actively in various industry organisations to influence the development of regulatory and competitive conditions for the different companies.

Claes Berglund lectures on safety in shipping at the International Maritime Organisation.

Claes Berglund, Director of Public Affairs and Sustainability in the Stena Group explains how he works to ensure that laws and regulations that come into force are tailored to the shipping industry.

"Stena strives to be a responsible company that contributes to the development of society. Our basic philosophy is that we do not just want to adapt, but also participate in shaping the future.

Therefore it is important for us to be in close dialogue with the authorities and societal functions, either directly or through various interest organisations.

At global level, the shipping industry is regulated by the UN’s International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Safety, environment and the work environment are priority areas, and Stena contributes through participation in interest organisations. At EU level, we work through interest organisations, and engage in dialogue mainly with the Commission but also with individual parliamentarians. At national level, we work primarily in Sweden and the UK, as most of our operations are in these countries. We are engaged through industry organisations, such as Shipowners’ associations in different countries, but also through chambers of commerce and collaboration with educational institutions. We are also active in a number of international sectoral organisations, such as Intertanko and Interferry.

The areas that are most important in shipping are emissions into the air and water and safety.

Another of our tasks in society is to reflect shipping’s image in a broader perspective towards other stakeholders. We are keen to help explaining the maritime industry’s importance to the economy and the development of society. Stena takes great responsibility for promoting the entire maritime industry through various forms of engagement, such as Sjöfartsforum, an association for the Swedish maritime cluster, with representatives from ports, shipping companies and technology providers, and Maritime UK, which is the equivalent in the United Kingdom."

Relationship management®

To develop sustainable residential environments and workplaces where people are happy and stay for a long time, Stena Property has developed its own concept – Relationship Management®. In specific terms, this means that the company works on a large number of social projects and activities to create safe, stable and comfortable living environments. The focus is on children and young people and on various initiatives in the areas of school, work and meaningful leisure.

The initiatives include offering summer jobs each year to at least 300 young people living in Stena Property’s areas. In addition, there are a number of other projects such as planting days, family days, “library in the laundrette” and community centres. In 2015, Stena Property was named Property owner of the year by Fastighetstidningen. An important reason for the award was the company´s  work on Relationship Management® and social sustainability.

M/S Ren Ström cleans the city centre

Stena Line is one of the companies that, together with the City of Gothenburg, Göteborg Energi and Innerstaden Göteborg, are behind M/S Ren Ström, a cleaning boat used to keep the canals of Gothenburg centre clean. The vessel was upgraded in 2015 and is now powered by local electricity generated from solar cells.

Wind bonuses support local associations

Each year, Stena Renewable distributes almost SEK 1 million in so called wind bonuses to various associations in the local community where the company’s wind farms are located. Through the wind bonuses, Stena Renewable demonstrates that wind power makes a difference and that the company wants to help develop the local community. Many examples of what wind bonus recipients have spent their money on can be found on Stena Renewable’s website.

Involvement in associations

Stena has had long involvement in various associations which in different ways are linked to its operations, such as:

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s foundation for young leadership was established prior to His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 60th birthday, and is run by the Scout Movement. The purpose of the foundation is to promote youth leadership training in the Scout movement and other youth activities. Within the framework of the training, mentoring is offered and scholarships are also awarded to young leaders from business, public and non-profit sectors. Stena has supported the foundation since it was established ten years ago, both financially and in the area of training by providing mentors.

Ocean Health Index is a collaborative effort consisting of 65 researchers from different disciplines and 23 different institutions that work to present the status of the ocean in several different areas. Ocean health and productivity is measured based on ten indicators on everything from biodiversity to the ocean’s ability to store carbon dioxide. As the ocean is a vital natural resource for Stena’s operations, Stena has participated in and supported the work financially since 2012.

STAMI, Stena Assiciation of maritime institutions, is a network of ten maritime institutions from around the world who meet a few times a year to exchange experiences and best practices from their operations. The aim is to disseminate and share shipping knowledge in the world. The importance of shipping as a mode of transport is increasing, which means that there is a growing need for well-trained seafarers. STAMI also works to improve quality and set common standards for maritime training.


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