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What makes IMOIIMAX so competitive?

In 2015, the first four IMOIIMAX vessels were delivered – a new generation of efficient product and chemical tankers. Even before full delivery of the series of ten vessels, Stena Bulk announced in November 2015 that the company had ordered three more from the shipyard in Guangzhou in China – with an option for a further two. What makes IMOIIMAX so competitive?

Simpler loading and unloading
The installation of additional tank cleaning equipment makes loading and unloading much faster.
More efficient loading
Because the IMOIIMAX tankers are built with eighteen separate tanks, rather than the normal twelve, they are significantly more flexible than other tankers in the MR segment. With coating and cleaner inert gas systems, the IMOIIMAX tankers are able to transport several types of goods. In addition to petroleum products and vegetable oils, they can also carry a large number of different chemicals.
Designed for low bunker consumption
The IMOIIMAX is a modern 50,000 dwt MR tanker. From the beginning, the vessel was designed to be energy-efficient through features such as an optimised hull and propulsion.
New transport patterns
The refinery changes, production of chemicals and globalisation give rise to a triangulated transport system, with products loaded on one continent and unloaded on another. IMOIIMAX tankers carry petroleum, vegetable oils and chemicals sail between Asia, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and South America and back to Asia.
Changes in refinery capacity
Refinery capacity and production of various chemicals in the world have been undergoing major changes for some years and are showing high growth. New, more efficient refineries are being built in Asia and the Middle East - partly with exports in mind. On the other hand, capacity in Europe is declining, while demand for oil products is still strong. This creates opportunities for shipping companies that can offer flexible transport solutions.
Increased world trade
The world's population is growing, which is increasing demand for energy. In addition, increasing prosperity in the world is resulting in new patterns of consumption. A growing middle class in countries such as China and India is demanding new goods and products. This in turn increases demand for energy and chemicals.
Expertise from different backgrounds
The organisation within Stena Bulk has been built up over 35 years and consists of expertise that encompasses skills from different segments and trades. With this bank of experience, taking IMOIIMAX from concept to reality has been a rapid process.


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