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Bringing expertise to the Asian markets

Previously, it has not been possible for a wholly foreign entity to undertake ship management in China. That all changed with the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Area.

China’s strategy is to develop Shanghai as a center for international shipping. Stena is the first international company with a license to manage vessels under Chinese flag.

Since the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Area, Northern Marine has established a shipping service and technical management company in China – Northern Marine Management Shanghai is licensed for complete vessel technical management within China and is the first international management company to also obtain a Document of Compliance (DOC) for Chinese flagged vessels (Domestic & International Trade). Their ambition is to add Chinese flagged vessels to its managed fleet in 2016.

To increase the attractiveness of the customer offer and to become a One Stop Service Solution provider, Tang Li was launched in 2015 to allow for a direct supply chain for Chinese manufactured goods and the company has started its business in earnest. Through Tang Li, Northern Marine can supply quality products to Stena vessels, third party vessels under management and to wider customers looking for marine and offshore supplies and spare parts.

“Tang Li completed its first business within 2015 and the business has grown steadily since then”, says Darren Ellis, Executive Director of Northern Marine Management Shanghai.

The work force of Tang Li is growing steadily.

Planning further expansion

As a result of Tang Li’s launch, the NMM Shanghai headcount increased to fourteen persons with further expansion planned.

“In addition to expanding human resources we are also evaluating the establishment of Tang Li’s first warehouse and distribution facility in Shanghai”, says Darren Ellis.

The facility will be an integral part of the business development and will allow Tang Li to establish greater procurement and purchasing efficiencies as well as reduce lead times and therefore provide greater overall customer service.

The Chinese government has implemented a strategy to develop Shanghai as a center of international shipping and shipping finance by 2020.

“Allowing foreign shipping companies to establish in China without a Chinese joint venture partner with a controlling interest, brings international expertise that the Chinese market previously have lacked.”

This opportunity allows Northern Marine to support clients who have or are developing operations in the Chinese market.

“We will continue to contribute to Northern Marine Group’s position as a market leader for quality and efficient ‘One Stop Service Solutions’ to the marine and offshore industry. Not only in China and South East Asia, but also on a global basis”, concludes Darren Ellis.


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