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Stena Teknik is a technical resource for the marine businesses of Stena. The broad and extensive knowledge of its employees enable the company to develop solutions that increase the competitiveness of our business areas.

Inauguration of the world’s first methanol run ferry

Fuels of the future

March marked the inauguration of the world’s first methanol-powered vessel: Stena Germanica. Methanol has the potential to become the ship fuel of tomorrow and reduces emissions of sulphur by 99%.

The first engine has been converted and will be adjusted for optimum performance during the deployment period. The other three engines will be converted when sufficient operating experience has been amassed.

Stena’s interest in electric powered vessels has increased as the technology has become increasingly applicable. Rapid development of battery technology is in progress.

Maximised fuel efficiency

Stena’s vessels are continuously monitored to maximise their fuel efficiency, both during operation and by adaptation to the current route.

Real time monitoring is a decision-support system that displays current bunker consumption, which gives the crew the opportunity to adapt the speed and route to allow more efficient operation. The system is currently installed and in use on 27 of Stena Line’s vessels.

Stena Transporter and Stena Transit were upgraded with new propeller blades and rudder bulbs during the year. This has resulted in better operating features, with a 3% reduction in fuel consumption. The vessels in Stena’s fleet are evaluated to ensure that the hull design is optimal for their operation.

Delivery of new vessels

In 2015, the company took delivery of four IMOIIMAX vessels from Guangzhou Shipyard International in China on behalf of Stena Bulk and Concordia Maritime. The vessels have proven commercially successful and are very energy efficient.

Harry Robertsson

Technical Director, Stena Teknik

The process of converting Stena Germanica continues in 2016. We are making the necessary adjustments together with the manufacturer Wärtsilä and the conversion has so far exceeded expectations. The project planning for the refurbishment of Stena Danica’s propellers and bulb has been completed. The work will be carried out in 2016 and is expected to result in a 10% reduction in bunker consumption.


is an important step in our common pursuit to create a more sustainable shipping concept combined with a flexible design.
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