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Stena Sessan

Stena Sessan is one of the Stena Sphere’s three parent companies and the principal owner of three listed companies. The company also engages in shipping operations and portfolio management.

Concordia Maritime took advantage of a strong tanker market in 2015 and the strategy to employ the vessels in the spot market proved correct. Revenue increased by 52% compared with 2014, and profit before tax was SEK 174 (17) million.

Beijer Electronics initiated and implemented initiatives and measures to create a platform for future profitable growth. Financially, 2015 was
in line with 2014 in terms of both revenue and earnings.

Meda’s sales grew by 28% during the year despite turbulence and uncertainty in several emerging markets. Profit after tax was SEK 1,192 (402) million.


Sector: Tanker shipping
Revenue: SEK 810 million
CEO: Kim Ullman
Number of employees: 4701)
Stena Sessan’s holding: 52.3%

More information and a copy of Concordia Maritime’s annual report for 2015 can be found at:

1) Of which 464 are seafarers and 6 shore-based


Sector: Industrial automation and data communication
Revenue: SEK 1,375 million
CEO: Per Samuelsson
Number of employees: 752
Stena Sessan’s holding: 29.8%


Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Revenue: SEK 19,648 million
CEO: Jörg-Thomas Dierks
Number of employees: Approx. 4,500
Stena Sessan’s holding: 20.7%


Stena Spirit
Shuttle tanker1)

Stena Sirita
Shuttle tanker1)

1) 50%-owned


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