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Stena Adactum is Stena’s wholly-owned investment company which invests in both listed and private companies with a long-term ownership perspective. Through active ownership and financial strength, Stena Adactum builds strong and profitable companies.

Favourable markets and advanced positions

Market overview

Developments have been favourable in many geographic markets. In Scandinavia, the retail trade has shown strong growth, while the construction sector has also shown good development.

Other European countries have shown an upward trend while North America has developed strongly.

Development of subsidiaries

Ballingslöv International shows growth in all its markets, particularly in Scandinavia. An extensive investment programme aimed at further strengthening Ballingslöv’s market position has been implemented in the UK.

Envac has also reported increased sales in all markets. The trend has been particularly favourable in the Nordic region and Asia. The order intake has made a strong recovery in the Middle East.

Blomsterlandet (S-Invest) has experienced good sales growth in its stores and profitability has improved during the year. A new store was opened in 2015 and two new stores are scheduled to open in 2016.

Stena Renewable had 10% higher production than in a normal year. The price of electricity ended 2015 at record low levels, but a high percentage of hedged contracts enabled the company to achieve good results in an industry facing major challenges.

For Gunnebo, the European market has stabilised and continuing cost adjustments have brought increased profitability.

In 2015, Midsona made a major acquisition in the form of the Danish company Urtekram, the largest company in organic colonial products.

Mediatec Broadcast and Mediatec Solutions were sold to the American company NEP, in early 2015.

Martin Svalstedt

CEO, Stena Adactum

Stena Adactum is significantly affected by the development of Nordic electricity prices, consumption growth in the Nordic region and construction activity in our customer markets.

We are mainly expanding through our portfolio companies, which create growth through business acquisitions, new establishments and stronger customer offerings. All portfolio companies are expected to continue to have very good growth potential. Investments in new operations are regularly evaluated and we have created the financial capacity to make further investments. The aim is to further strengthen our financial position so that we can continue to develop and support the expansion of our operations.

History has shown the importance of being an active, long-term and strong owner. The stability that we are now experiencing and our strong financial position create possibilities for product development, expansion investments and new platform investments. Stena Adactum’s main focus is to work on long-term industrial development to build strong companies.


Total revenue in our subsidiaries and associated companies: SEK 14.0 billion
Total number of employees in our subsidiaries and associated companies: 8,496


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