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Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Northern Marine Group (NMG) provides ship management services to the Stena Sphere and selected external clients through our global network of offices in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Houston, Manila, Mumbai, St. Petersburg, Shanghai and Singapore.

1) Employees are distributed as follows: Stena vessels 2,600, external vessels 4,700, onshore 500

Adding value in each phase of the vessel life cycle

Management of Stena Line vessels

During 2015 Northern Marine Ferries completed the Stena Line Irish Sea initiative where the management of all vessels, together with OBS Personnel Management, has been transferred to Northern Marine Ferries.

Northern Marine Ferries continued to provide Stena RoRo with full technical management services and project assistance.

Business development in China

Northern Marine Management Shanghai was registered in the Free Trade Area with a business license achieved for the technical management of Chinese flagged vessels. This was a milestone as previously it was not possible for a wholly owned foreign entity to undertake ship management in China. Northern Marine is the only European company to have achieved such approval.

Tang Li Marine Services was established to allow for a direct supply chain for Chinese manufactured goods. This allows Northern Marine to supply quality products to Stena vessels, third party vessels under management and to wider customers looking for marine and offshore ship supplies and spares.

Vessel fleet growth

Northern Marine welcomed the first four of the Stena IMOIIMAX vessels into management and the managed fleet hence stands at 144 of which 96 are under full management. Of these 96 vessels, 27 are specialised gas carriers, transporting Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Liquefied Ethylene Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas.

Vessels under technical management

Hugh ferguson

CEO, Northern Marine Group

The short term future for shipping remains challenging. In 2016 Northern Marine will continue to support the growth of our existing client base by delivering a professional service, adding value to each phase of the vessel life cycle.

By working closely with our clients and understanding their business model, we seek to develop the relationship to the benefit of both parties. As ever, safety, cost and operational efficiencies remain the priorities of Northern Marine.


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