Stena AB

2015 in brief

Business concept

By using our competence in, above all, service, trading and ships, to make money in the business areas Ferry Operations, Offshore Drilling, Shipping, Property, New business and Finance.

To create new companies for the future.

To take care of our most important asset in the long term, our customers, in such a way that we contribute to their development as well as that of society.

Customer relationships

  • Always the customer's first choice
  • Leader in quality and quality-assured partners
  • Always efficient and effective with our own and others' resources
  • Clearly delegated business responsibility

We have committed to comply with the standard formulated by the Logistics & Transportation Corporate Citizenship Initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Responsibility in our business relationships

By building long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and subcontractors, we are committed to delivering high quality and best-value services. We will meet the highest safety standards. Trust is the basis of all our relationships in society.

Our responsibility is to meet our customers' expectations in respect of responsible business practices.

We have high standards of corporate social responsibility, which we share with our business partners. We may withdraw from a business relationship if we feel that the standards we uphold are not being met by a business partner.


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