Stena has an important role in society and takes responsibility for contributing to economic development, reducing the Group’s environmental impact and acting ethically in everything we do.

The Stena Group contributes to society in various ways. Activities in Shipping and Ferry Lines involve the transportation of goods, vehicles, raw materials and passengers. The transport stimulates increased trade and ensures that some of the global energy needs are met. Stena is also a major producer of renewable electricity in Sweden and provides many people with safe accommodation in the Group’s properties.

Priority sustainability issues

The sustainability issues identified as most important for Stena are those related to the environment, safety and community involvement. Environmental sustainability is mainly about energy efficiency measures on land and at sea aimed at reducing consumption and therefore the impact on the environment. Shipping is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport in relation to cargo volume, and about 90% of world trade is conducted over the oceans. However, there are major advantages – both environmental and economical – to be gained from improving the efficiency of operations and reducing energy consumption.

In the area of safety, the focus is on ensuring that crews and employees are safe and secure at their workplaces and on ­taking good care of the passengers, goods and materials ­transported. Community involvement is demonstrated by a long list of local activities in the areas where the Group’s companies operate and by support of selected international projects.

Organisation of sustainability efforts

Stena has Group-wide policies on the environment and safety. Each individual company is responsible for formulating its own environmental and safety goals, based on its own operations. The companies have individuals who are responsible for environmental and safety work, and for ­following up the results at company level. There is a function responsible for sustainability issues at corporate level.

Stena – the Care movie

CARE is a value that is important to us at Stena. As an employee you are valuable to us, if not invaluable.

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Care creates success

Stena’s film, Take Care, reflects how we bring life to “Care” in the Stena Sphere. One of our employees says: ”Our children should also be able to swim in the sea.”

This is, in all its simplicity, one of the goals of our sustainability efforts. The environment is one of the many areas in which we continuously strive for improvement. “Care, Innovation and Performance” are the core values of our organisation. Stena’s operations are only sustainable if we all, through care and efficient performance, contribute to our customers’ and society’s success every day.

So – Take Care!

Gothenburg, April 2015

Dan Sten Olsson

CEO Stena AB

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