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Stena Sessan was founded when Stena acquired the Sessan Line in the early 1980s. As one of three parent companies, Stena Sessan is one of the cornerstones of the Stena Sphere. The company’s investment activities are characterised by a long-term perspective and commitment. Stena Sessan is the principal owner of the pharmaceutical company Meda, the industrial ­enterprise Beijer Electronics and Concordia Maritime, and also runs a small shipping business.

Through the acquisition of Rottapharm in 2014, Meda has gained access to a portfolio of strong brands in the area of clinically proven personal care products (Cx). These are non-prescription products that doctors and pharmacists recommend to consumers, and represent a stable and profitable segment.

Stena Sessan’s investment philosophy is to monitor and develop the companies through long-term and committed ownership of a diversified portfolio of assets. The company also owns 50% of two shuttle tankers, Stena Sirita and Stena Spirit, together with a Canadian shipping company. Overall, the investments have been successful. During the last year,
the net asset value has increased to just over SEK 8 billion.

Meda acquired the Italian pharmaceutical company Rottapharm during the year. When the acquisition was conducted, it was the largest acquisition by a Swedish company since 2009. With this acquisition, Meda has developed into Europe’s largest specialty pharmaceutical company, with a market capitalisation of just under SEK 40 billion.

The purpose of the transaction was to take advantage of synergies valued at just under SEK 1 billion, while the enabling the company to develop its product portfolio and gain access to new markets.

Beijer Electronics divested its US automotive business during the year. The sale is in line with its strategy to invest more resources in the global core business. The company has also decided to expand the Industrial Data Communication business area, with major investments in R & D and the international sales force over the next three years.

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Stena Spirit
Shuttle tanker1)

Stena Sirita
Shuttle tanker1)

1) 50%-owned


Concordia Maritime AB (publ) is an international tanker shipping company focused on cost-effective and safe transportation of refined petroleum products and vegetable oils.

Revenue: MSEK 531
CEO: Kim Ullman
Number of employees: 410
Stena Sessan’s holding: 52.3%

Associated companies

Beijer Electronics AB (publ) is an expansive technology company specialising in industrial automation and data communication, which markets competitive products and solutions.

Revenue: MSEK 1,401
CEO: Anna Belfrage
Number of employees: 760
Stena Sessan’s holding: 29.8%


MEDA AB (publ) is a leading international pharmaceutical company. Meda’s products are sold in 120 countries around the world and it has its own organisations in over 50 countries.

Revenue: MSEK 15,352
CEO: Jörg-Thomas Dierks
Number of employees: approx. 4,600
Stena Sessan’s holding: 20.7%


CEO comments

Stena Sessan’s main business is to develop our existing portfolio companies and also to evaluate new investment opportunities. Through long-term ownership and financial strength, coupled with business expertise, we contribute to growth and value creation in our portfolio companies.

Martin Svalstedt

CEO, Stena Sessan

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