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As one of the three parent companies in the Stena Sphere, the Stena Metall Group has operations in around 220 locations in eleven countries. The Group is a leading and innovative recycling company that collects, processes and recycles all types of waste. The Group also produces aluminum from recycled raw materials, supplies steel products, conducts financial operations and trades in steel, non-ferrous metals and oil.

From 2015, 95% of a car's weight must be recycled; this is an important and exciting challenge for the recycling industry. At the shredder facility in Huddinge, Stena Recycling has invested in the latest technology in order to extract a greater number of clean fractions than ever before. In just 30 seconds, a car is ground down and the elements sorted into four fractions that become raw materials for steel mills and smelters and are ultimately manufactured into new products.

During the 2013/2014 financial year, the effects of the last two years’ action plan could be seen, with significantly improved results for the Group as a whole and for the majority of business areas. In every case, this was due to improvement measures and strong business acumen rather than improved factors outside the business. The action plan has required ­considerable changes to the business structure of a majority of the Group’s companies. For example, Business Area Electronics Recycling has adjusted its workforce, divested unprofitable businesses and closed a number of facilities. Facilities were also shut down and consolidated in several recycling markets with a view to reducing costs, streamlining and concentrating competence.

Conditions remained weak in the Stena Metall Group’s core markets. In Sweden, incoming volumes increased marginally while other recycling markets remained at low levels. Prices for the majority of the Group’s key raw materials were relatively stable.

Acquisition of modern recycling facility

In September 2013, the Group acquired a property in ­Halmstad with the aim of creating Sweden’s most modern recycling facility. This is the Group’s single largest investment for several years, and some production started in autumn 2014. A new shredder facility was also opened in Huddinge during the financial year. These significant production ­investments are important for recycling operations, customers and the environment as modern, highly efficient recycling technology makes it possible to recycle more material while consuming less energy. This is in line with the Group’s ambition to be at the leading edge of sustainability work and to continue developing and investing in the latest recycling technology.

The Group is continuing to invest in improving competence, particularly in product and material knowledge. There is also ongoing, long-term work to streamline sales and marketing activities within the Group. The aim is to strengthen industry and customer-specific solutions in order to meet the needs of new customers while adding value for existing ones.

The Recycling Plant of the Future

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CEO Comments

With continued focus on internal improvements and financial discipline, I expect that we will continue to strengthen our market position. At the start of 2014/2015, I cannot see any significant improvements in conditions outside the company and the Stena Metall Group must adapt to a world of weak growth. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I expect that the measures we have implemented will lead to improved results in the 2014/2015 financial year.

anders Jansson

CEO, Stena Metall

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