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Stena Teknik is a technical resource for the marine parts of Stena. Thanks to the vast and broad-based knowledge of its employees, the company can develop solutions that make the business areas more competitive.

The new IMOIIMAX series has been developed in collaboration between Stena Teknik and Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI). A total of ten sister ships are being built at the shipyard in China.

In Guangzhou, China, the construction of ten IMOIIMAX product tankers, which started in 2013, is continuing. Stena Teknik has staff on site to monitor the construction process and ensure that the vessels are delivered with the right quality.

The IMOIIMAX vessels will be 25% more energy-efficient than previous generations of vessels of a comparable size. This is because the hull, propeller design and main engine have been optimised for the vessels' intended use. These vessels also offer significantly higher cargo flexibility than comparable vessels, which brings major competitive advantages.

The first four vessels are being delivered to Stena Bulk, its joint venture partner Golden Agri and Concordia Maritime in 2015. At the end of 2014, the first of these vessels, Stena Impression, underwent sea trials in the South China Sea and was delivered in January 2015. Another four vessels will be delivered in 2016 and the final two in the series in 2017.

For Stena Drilling, work continues on Stena MidMAX, a semi-submersible drilling rig designed to withstand the North Sea's harsh weather conditions. The North Sea has the strictest regulations in the world in terms of safety and working conditions on board, and Stena MidMAX will easily meet all of these requirements. Delivery of the unit is scheduled for 2016.

Development projects and environmental benefits

On 1 January 2015, new restrictions on sulphur emissions in the SECA areas were introduced. Stena Teknik has worked closely with Wärtsilä to develop methanol as an alternative fuel. Wärtsilä has converted an engine for methanol operation, and tested it in Trieste with successful results. Stena Germanica is being converted to run on methanol and work began in late January 2015. The vessel is expected to be able to run fully on methanol in autumn 2015.

Another area of development Stena Teknik is working on is the All Electric project. The company is working with Scandlines to examine the feasibility of converting vessels on the Helsingborg-Helsingör route to electric operation, thereby eliminating emissions and reducing noise. The technical challenges are primarily in recharging the batteries during the short period when the ferry unloads/loads and finding a solution that supplies the port with sufficient power. Battery costs are still a very large item in the calculation and EU funding has been applied for in order to complete the project.

Energy-saving system

Stena's overall target is an annual reduction of 2.5% in energy consumption per nautical mile. Stena Teknik is responsible for the Stena Energy Efficiency Group which meets once a quarter. The project involves Stena RoRo, Stena Bulk, Northern Marine Group and Stena Line, and its purpose is to collect and share experiences and ideas between the companies about how to save energy.

Stena Teknik is running a programme with Stena Line to monitor fuel consumption on board. The system shows every moment of a vessel's consumption and provides information to the vessel's management who can then more easily adopt measures that will allow a reduction in the vessel's energy consumption.

Shipyard cooperation creates competitiveness

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TD Comments

We continue our efforts to develop and improve ­maritime safety. Stena Teknik will examine how other industries’ systems can be adapted for shipping. An interesting area of study is how the support systems being developed in the automotive industry can be implemented to further increase safety on board.

HArry robertsson

Technical Director,
Stena Teknik



Stena Impression is the first IMOIIMAX class vessel, the latest generation of fuel-efficient product and chemical tankers. She was christened in February 2015 and during the next two years will be followed by nine sister ships from the Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) shipyard in China. The cooperation between Stena and GSI has worked well, even when Stena has set high standards.

"It is a known fact that GSI has a management team that sees responsiveness as a competitive advantage," says Jacob Norrby, Stena Teknik's Project Manager for the construction of the IMOIIMAX vessels.

"The yard is different from many others. They listen and have made every effort to meet our requirements in both the design phase and during the actual construction."

To ensure the vessel type measured up to Stena's high requirements, Stena chose to extend the design phase by one month in order to take advantage of the very latest technology.

"We were, for example, able to install the very latest model for the main engine, developed for higher efficiency, thus allowing lower bunker costs. IMOIIMAX has world-leading low energy consumption," says Jacob.

"In addition, the design with 18 cargo tanks makes the vessel very cargo-flexible. As well as being able to transport everything from heavy oil to light chemicals, ­IMOIIMAX is optimised for a maximum intake of vegetable oils. The actual cargo ­system is very effective, leading to high capacity for loading, unloading and cleaning of the tanks."

During the construction period, Stena Teknik is staffing an inspection office at GSI. Lars Pennman has been the site manager, leading the process of daily inspections. The team has included 13 inspectors and a secretary. The vast majority of inspectors are from China.

"Working with GSI is enjoyable. Although we and GSI may have different views, a laugh is never far away. However, it is a hard and focused job from the first round of negotiations before a contract is signed until the delivery date – particularly during the construction period – to ensure the quality of work is just as high as we expect," concludes Jacob Norrby.

Jacob Norrby

Project Manager Stena Teknik

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