For Stena, sustainability and social responsibility mean contributing to economic development, reducing the Group’s environmental impact and acting ethically in everything we do.

The Stena Group contributes to society in various ways. Activities in Shipping and Ferry Lines contribute to increased trade and globalisation, which in turn in­creases global prosperity. The vessels carry private passengers and trucks loaded with various types of goods, as well as oil and gas to meet some of the global energy needs. Stena is also a major producer of renewable electricity in Sweden and provides many people with convenient accommodation in the Group’s properties.

Important issues for Stena

An increasingly globalised world requires more transport and more efficient transport. Although shipping is already one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport in relation to cargo volume, it is inevitable that maritime transport has an impact on the environment and climate. Stena is therefore actively engaged in minimising the negative impacts of transporting goods by sea.

We conduct our operations in such a way that we can ensure opportunities for the next generation to continue to run and develop the business. For this to be possible, positive financial results must be secured. This is dependent on both internal conditions, such as competent employees, and external conditions, such as a positive social climate and legislation that supports our operations.

Technology and innovation have always been high on the agenda at Stena and large amounts are invested annually to reduce environmental impacts. One example is the 200 or so projects that have been implemented under Stena Line’s energy reduction programme. The target is to achieve an annual reduction of 2.5 percent in energy consumption. Another example is the development of more fuel-efficient vessels that contribute to cost savings for Stena and customers and provide environmental benefits in terms of reduced emissions, which are of advantage to society at large.

We continue to work to reduce our environmental impacts and we maintain high goals for our safety work on board. Systematic safety work is conducted on board the Stena ships and drilling rigs on a daily basis to avoid exposing our employees to hazardous situations.

Stena’s core values underpin all activities

Care, innovation and performance are core values that permeate the Stena Group. ”Stena Care” is about creating value and success in every part of our companies’ activities and in all our stakeholder relationships. Acting ethically at all times is the foundation of the business. Showing care in all our relationships and contributing to stakeholders’ success play an important part in fulfilling Stena’s financial responsibilities and helping to secure the Group’s financial growth.

By building long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and sub-contractors, we are committed to providing high quality and top service in what we deliver. We shall maintain the highest standards of safety throughout the value chain and strive to ensure that trust is the basis of all our relationships with society.

Organisation of sustainability efforts

Group-wide policies on the environment and safety have also been in place for a number of years. Each individual company is then responsible for formulating its own environmental and safety goals, based on its own operations. The companies have individuals who are responsible for environmental and safety work, and for following up the results at company level. At corporate level there is a function responsible for sustainability issues.


Success through care
Caring, innovation and performance are the guiding principles of our organisation. Our performance is measured in reliability, safety, our customers’ praise, repeat business, costs and profit. Innovation is measured in the number of suggestions from employees and the percentage that are put into action. The meaning of caring is something we are still struggling with. In essence care transforms mindfulness into action and performance.

We have to be our best as measured by our financial success, our customers’ success, our employees’ success, our partners’ success and our communities’ success.

So… Take Care!

Gothenburg in April 2014
Dan Sten Olsson, CEO Stena AB

Dan Sten Olsson

CEO Stena AB

Care in practice


What does Stena’s core value Care mean to you in your daily work?


Why do you think it is important for Stena to work with sustainability issues?


Which sustainability question is the most important for you?

Aditya Karandikar

Assistant HR manager Mumbai
Northern Marine


”Care for me implies that we are humble, upright and transparent. As well as that we respect nature, contribute to the community, focus on constant improvement, practice cost control and that we understand the company’s values and protect the company’s assets.”

Catherine Contreras

Assistant Financial Controller
Stena Bulk


”By the synergies created from being pro­active about environmental concerns and concerns about safety our reputation increases along with the financial bottom line of the company.”

Dag Wetterholm

Second Officer
Stena Scandinavica
Stena Line


”As bridge officer and responsible for navigation of the ferry, my main concern is that we reduce our emissions.”

Soffia Sigurdardottir

Operating Technician
Stena Property


”It means that we work together to do our utmost to ensure our tenants are satisfied with their living environment.”

John Winder

Safety Officer
Stena Carron
Stena Drilling


”For me the core value “Care” represents the very reasons I “want” to work for Stena Drilling. Respect, Caring, Prudence, efficiency, Integrity are not just words, they are perspectives and the very foundation of the way we conduct ourselves.”

Carolyn Hunter

Senior Hotel Manager
Stena Jutlandica
Stena Line


”Stena’s focus on environmental and sustainability matters is important as a driver for a sustainable environment and future possibility for sustainable and profitable growth. It is also important in making us attractive to customers and employers.”

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