Stena’s core value Care is put into practical action using the so called STOP Observation System, which is used to improve both safety and environment.

It is important that everyone in the crew is familiar with the Stop the Job policy. This means that anyone in the crew has both a right and a responsibility to tell a colleague – whether a superior or a subordinate – to stop the job they are doing if the person believes there is a significant safety risk.

Employees continuously report their observations in the STOP Observation System. The “Stop cards” that are used can be seen as a practical expression of how Stena’s core value of care is lived out at Stena Drilling. Each month, one of the reported stop cards is picked out as an example of a clear way to demonstrate care for colleagues and to spread awareness among other employees about potential safety risks on board.

  Award-winning safety work

In 2013, Stena Drilling once again received the International Association of Drilling Contractors’ annual award for its safety work in the categories of rigs (semi-submersibles) and drillships.

The system is also used to monitor environmental work on board the vessels and rigs. Since the monitoring of environ­mental stop cards began in 2011, the number of reports has increased, which is a clear sign of increased awareness and stronger environmental responsibility among the crew. The number of reports increased by 3 percent between 2011 and 2012, and by 27 percent between 2012 and 2013.

Increased knowledge of environmental issues

For Stena Drilling, it is important to raise knowledge of environmental issues internally. At present, 62 percent of all shore-based personnel have undergone environmental training.

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