Meda’s allergy medication Dymista was launched in 2012 in the US. Since last year, it has been covered by the subsidised benefit systems in a number of European countries such as England, Germany and Sweden.

Stena Sessan


Stena Sessan was founded when Stena acquired the Sessan Line in the early 1980s. As one of three parent companies, Stena Sessan is one of the cornerstones of the Stena Sphere. The company’s investment activities are characterised by a long-term perspective and commitment, not least in tanker shipping as the principal owner of Concordia Maritime. In addition, Stena Sessan is the principal owner of the pharmaceutical company Meda and the industrial enterprise Beijer Electronics.

Stena Sessan’s investments primarily consist of the listed subsidiary Concordia Maritime and the associated companies Meda and Beijer Electronics. In addition, the company owns the RoPax vessel Stena Jutlandica and 50% of two shuttle tankers, Stena Sirita and Stena Spirit, together with a Canadian shipping company. Stena Sessan’s investment philosophy is to monitor and develop companies through long-term, committed ownership. As a whole, the investments have performed well. In the last ten years, net asset value has increased from approximately SEK 1 billion to just over SEK 6 billion.

Events during the year

2013 went according to plan for Stena Sessan. In terms of its holdings, the listed subsidiary Concordia Maritime, in which Stena Sessan owns about 52%, had an eventful year. For more information on the company’s operations, click here.

Meda continued to develop positively during the year. Dymista, its new, patented nasal spray for relief of seasonal allergy rhinitis, was approved in Europe in 2013. CEO Anders Lönner resigned after 14 successful years and will be succeeded by Jörg-Thomas Dierks, who has served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer since 2005.

Beijer Electronics is an expansive technology company with many years of experience in industrial automation and data communication. In 2013, a programme of private label products, designed to make advanced technology easy to use, was launched.


Concordia Maritime AB (publ) is an international tanker operator focused on cost-effective and safe transport of refined oil products and vegetable oils.

Revenue: MSEK 468
CEO: Kim Ullman
Number of employees: 394
Stena Sessan’s holding: 52.3%

Associated companies

Beijer Electronics AB (publ) is an expansive technology company specialising in industrial automation and data communication, which markets competitive products and solutions.

Revenue: MSEK 1,376
CEO: Fredrik Jönsson
Number of employees: 776
Stena Sessan’s holding: 29.9%


MEDA AB (publ) is a leading inter­natio­nal pharmaceutical company. Its pro­ducts are sold in 120 countries around the world and it has its own marketing organisations in over 50 countries.

Revenue: MSEK 13,114
CEO: Jörg-Thomas Dierks
Number of employees: about 2,900
Stena Sessan’s holding: 22.7%

CEO Comment

Commitment, care and financial strength
The value of Stena Sessan’s investments exceeds SEK 6 billion, and our contribution to these companies consists of long-term ownership characterised by commitment, care and financial strength.

Our core business is to monitor and develop our holdings. The senior executives of the companies manage and develop their businesses in exemplary way. Our financial strength allows us to keep our eyes open for exciting, new investments.

Bert Åke Eriksson

CEO Stena Sessan