A strong safety culture produces results. Stena and Northern Marine Management have maintained the industry’s lowest accident numbers in recent years.


Responsibility and carE in every business

For Stena, sustainability and social responsibility mean contributing to economic development, reducing the Group’s environment impact and acting ethically in all its businesses.

The Stena Group contributes to society in various ways. The shipping and ferry operations contribute to trade and globalisation, which in turn lead to greater prosperity. The vessels transport passengers and trucks with various types of freight as well as oil and gas to help meeting the world’s energy needs. Stena is also a major producer of renewable electricity in Sweden, and provides many people with safe homes in the Group’s properties.

A more globalised world requires more (and more efficient) transportation. Even though shipping is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of transport in relation to cargo volume, transports by sea undeniably impact our environment and climate. Stena is therefore actively committed to minimise the effects of freight transports by sea.

Technology and innovations have always been high on the agenda at Stena. One example is Stena Line’s energy saving programme, which has launched around 200 projects with the goal of reducing consumption by 2.5% per year. Another example is the use of more fuel-efficient vessels, which produce savings for Stena and its customers as well as environmental gains in the form of lower emissions, which all of society benefits from. By continuously adopting technological innovations, Stena has remained an industry leader in low emission levels, both in the air and at sea.

The Group is working with sustainability issues in a number of areas:

New technology and changing habits

As part of an energy saving project, Stena Bulk increased fuel efficiency in its fleet by no less than 14% year-over-year. Lower bunker consumption has saved SEK 65 million, while also reducing CO2 emissions by slightly over 100,000 tonnes and SO emissions by 1,400 tonnes.

The increase in efficiency is partly due to a larger share of green ships in Stena Bulk’s fleet as well as detailed monitoring of their energy consumption, which has led to modifications such as operating at lower speeds.

Increased energy efficiency

A number of projects are underway at Stena Teknik to improve the energy efficiency of the vessels. One example is a project with Stena Line to rebuild the vessels bulbs for lower speeds. Vessels today operate at a lower average speed than five years ago due to higher fuel prices, but also in order to reduce emissions. The bulb is the part of the hull that affects the backwash from the ship, and hence its energy consumption. The project is saving 10,000 tonnes of bunker oil per year, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 1,600 Swedish single-family homes.

Proactive safety work

A safe and secure workplace is a prerequisite for a safer and more efficient business. Rigorous safety work is conducted daily on board Stena’s vessels and drilling rigs. Most injuries on a drillship or oil rig are from everyday tasks, where the crew does not follow safety precautions. Stena Drilling has therefore taken a proactive approach to reduce the risk of injury or environmental hazards. Prior to performing any task, every crew must fill in a so-called HAZ ID CARD, where icons identify the potential risks associated with the task at hand.

Caring translated into action

It is important that everyone on board Stena Drilling’s vessels and rigs understands the “Stop the job policy”, which means that anyone in the crew has the right and responsibility to tell a colleague, superior or subordinated, to stop what they are doing if that person feels there is a significant safety risk.

Active part of the local community

As part of its Relational Management programme, Stena Property is providing around 300 summer jobs a year to young people who live in its properties. The goal is to give them valuable working experience, while at the same time helping to care for their neighbourhood.

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