Through close collaboration with tenants and local businesses, Stena Fastigheter creates safe, stable, thriving residential environments.



Stena’s property operations are managed by Stena Fastigheter in Sweden and by Stena Realty internationally. Its portfolio consists of 2.4 million m2, mainly in Sweden. With tenancy as its form of tenure, Stena Property develops long-term, attractive residential environments and workplaces. Its goal is to be the first choice of tenants.

Stena Fastigheter prioritised new construction during the year. In central Malmö, close to Stortorget, Stena is investing MSEK 100 in offices and flats. The project was launched in 2012, with move-in scheduled in early 2014. In addition, Stena has broken ground on rental units in Lomma Hamn, an investment of MSEK 70.

In the Stockholm region, Stena Fastigheter has invested MSEK 500 in Ängby Park, where 320 flats are now ready. In Bredäng, construction will begin next year on 180 flats, half of which will be for students. Construction also begins next year on 380 flats in Kvarngärdet, in Uppsala.

Sweden’s “Million Programme” will require extensive renovations. Stena Fastigheter is allocating about MSEK 500 per year to this type of investment. In Uppsala, renovation is underway at Kvarngärdet, where Stena is investing MSEK 600 during the period 2011–2015. In Handen, in Haninge municipality, MSEK 200 has been invested in bathroom renovations.

In Gothenburg, a restart is being made at Pennygången, an area with experimental construction dating back prior to the Million Programme, after the properties proved to be in worse condition than expected. In this area, Stena Fastigheter has applied to launch a project to evaluate opportunities to build more flats. At the same time, the dialogue with residents is being improved, to better capture their views.

It has been difficult to acquire properties in Sweden due to the high price levels. One of the few acquisitions Stena Fastig­heter made in 2013 was for Stena’s owners, who acquired “Gröna skrapan”, a commercial property in Gothenburg built by Skanska and which has received LEED Platinum status. The building is ­managed by Stena Fastigheter.


The real estate market in Houston, Texas has been strong in the last two years. In the summer of 2013, Stena Realty signed a lease with Jacobs Engineering, one of the world’s largest technical service providers, on over 8,000 m² in a newly constructed building in Houston. In late 2013, the chemical and engineering group Sasol also signed a lease, for 17,500 m². Because of the new lease, Stena is constructing a second building in Houston. The new investments in Houston amount to around MUSD 100, and both are long-term leases.

In 2013, Stena Realty acquired a property in the Midtown section of London for MGBP 15.6. The company now owns four central properties in London and is continuing to evaluate the city, although the economic rebound has raised demand as well as property prices.

Stena Realty is also a significant property owner in Sophia Antipolis, in southern France, with 50,000 m² of commercial space. The area has a low vacancy rate, and the company is adding 2,000 m² of office space in World Trade Center. A permit has been granted, and construction will begin in 2014.

The Dutch commercial property market is suffering from high vacancy rates, which Stena is addressing through its local organisation and collaborations with brokers. Modern showrooms and entrances that are more welcoming than neighboring property leads to competitive advantage for Stena Realty.

The design of outdoor environments is important to thriving communities. The photo below was taken at Fisksätra, in Nacka.

Property sales

In Gothenburg, Stena has sold a property on Gullbergsvass to Platzer. Also, several smaller properties were sold in Stockholm and Lomma as well as one in Amsterdam. In total, property sales generated a capital gain of slightly over MSEK 50.

Social engagement

Relationship Management (Relationsförvaltning®) is Stena Property’s concept for developing sustainable residential ­environments and workplaces where people thrive and want to stay. This requires close cooperation with tenants and local businesses to create safe, stable, thriving residential environments. Stena Property is now creating Relationship Management 2.0, including by appointing a relationship management strategist.

In focus areas such as Fisksätra, Lövgärdet and Hermodsdal, Stena Property is working to provide children a healthy place to grow up, including by offering homework assistance, but also by helping to provide recreational opportunities near schools.

Stena Property has decided to provide summer jobs for 300 young people in 2014. The jobs will primarily be in areas where it is especially hard for them to find work. Stena requires written CVs, conducts real job interviews and offers written recommendations after the summer. The aim is to ­prepare these young people for the job market at the same time that they get a feel for the areas where they live.


Consumption of energy, electricity and water in Stena’s properties impacts the environment. The goal is to reduce consumption by 20% by 2020 compared to 2010. To date, the results have been better than planned. Consumption is monitored month by month to measure the results of the adjustments and investments that have been made and in that way reduce usage. Stena Property compares properties of similar standard and age and shares good examples within the organisation. Tenants are encouraged to conserve through individual measurements of hot water consumption, for example.

Regardless of the situation, Stena Property will always take the measure that is most effective from a cost and environmental standpoint. This includes fine-tuning heating equipment and installing water-saving devices. Another example is motion-activated LED lighting. In addition, Stena Property consumes only green electricity in its properties.

CEO Comment

Sweden is facing a major housing shortage, especially in terms of rental flats. Stena Property are foreseeing an opportunity to help resolving this by developing detailed plans and launching new construction. The goal is to annually build 500 rental units. In the areas where we already own, we will try to increase density. The housing shortage is a big challenge in the years ahead. Housing constructions have to double – and we want to play a part and contribute.

Christel Armstrong Darvik

CEO Stena Fastigheter

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